Summertime Treats

August is here!

Time to savor vacations, ice cream, salt water, family reunions, lake cottages, picnics (and music) under the stars.

This year, I’m trying something different. For the first time in four years of blogging—I’m taking a mini-break for the rest of August.

It’s the perfect time to clear my head, renew my creativity and get ready for what promises to be a jam-packed Fall.

But I’m not leaving you high and dry. I went back through my 228 posts and picked three favorites to share. While some of you have been with me since the very beginning (for which I’m most grateful), many of you will not have seen these earlier tidbits.

I’ve picked them because they hit at the core of the things we tend to contemplate before “school” starts.

For each remaining week in August, I will post an update, right here in this entry. I’ll be in the comments as always, so drop on by.

If you’re on the email list (and if you’re not, head on up to that pink bar and sign up now), you’ll know which topic we’re focusing on and why.

Week of August 12

Design That Works

If you’ve even kinda sorta been thinking about updating your website, now is the time to read this piece about making design (and designers) work for you.

Week of August 19

Be Unforgettable

Ready to—seriously—plan your marketing and selling efforts for the next year? Then you’re ready to read this post on creating an unforgettable experience.

Week of August 26

You Don’t Become A Hero By Being Normal

 Need some reassurance that coloring outside the lines works? Check out how being non-normal can work for you.

Enjoy the last gasp of summer–and I’ll see you just after Labor Day!


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