Let's start with this: soloists rule

You heard that right: soloists rule.

Having been an employee, a partner and a soloist, I’m here to tell you soloism (is that even a word?) is hands-down the most fun and lucrative path IF your goal is to optimize making plenty of money with having the free time and flexibility to enjoy your life.

Welcome to the soloist revolution!

As an authority on soloist expertise businesses, I’ve been called everything from “an emotional Red Bull” to “the best synthesizer of ideas I’ve ever met” to “the consultant whisperer”.

My forte and passion? Advising you to grow your wealth (money, free time and flexibility) and your impact.

There is no “one size fits all” here—every soloist business reflects its owner and how you decide to make your business work for you, rather than the other way round.

Full disclosure: I didn’t start as a soloist.

I studied business with engineers (snagging an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) and led introverted brainiacs at some powerhouse consulting firms: Towers Perrin and Arthur Andersen. I even re-built the failing consulting arm of a Fortune 500 company.

I wore the blue power suit AND the pearls. I pitched in Fortune 500 Boardrooms and I made global partner—at 31. But when I saw the twisty, soul-sucking machinations required to stay in the corner office, I put on my big girl panties and headed for the exit.

First stop: co-founding a break-out consulting firm of hyper-qualified MBA women working flexibly (60+ hour weeks filled with travel were verboten). Consultants and clients loved the model—and the Wall Street Journal called me a maverick.

The next move was selling the firm to Arthur Andersen (for seven figures) and teaching their tax partners to grow their sales while proving flexibility could work in a giant global firm.

All told, I’ve built three of my own firms from scratch—while advising soloists and partnerships of wildly divergent personalities (those early years doing tumultuous M+A work taught me some mad people skills).

I not only “get” the consulting business from every angle, but I’ve spent my entire career translating big ideas into revenue and impact.

Let’s go build your ideal soloist business (and that life you’re craving), shall we?