The mentor for soloists building authority businesses

Why authorities?

Because when you’re a solo consultant, becoming an unforgettable, trusted authority in your niche leads to some pretty stellar outcomes:

  • Interesting, challenging work with great-fit clients
  • A virtual thought leadership platform to share and socialize your point of view—and accelerate the transformations you deliver to your audience
  • Shorter sales cycles, higher fees and the flexibility to build your business around your brand of genius
  • The satisfaction of seeing your mission at work as you change the lives of those you serve
  • An exit ramp off the gilded hamster wheel of swapping time for money

I earned my consulting and big thinker stripes leading introverted brainiacs at some powerhouse global consulting firms: Towers Perrin and Arthur Andersen.

But even better: I’ve built, led (and sometimes sold) more than a few 6, 7 and 8-figure consulting businesses. And earned the equivalent of a second MBA building authority brands + businesses with hundreds of soloists.


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