Welcome to the soloist revolution...

For motivated B2B soloists determined to grow wealth and impact (without working more hours)…

Let’s get real here. You didn’t start an expertise business—even as a soloist—to play it small.

You have a vision. A toe-curling vision:

You’re generating plenty of revenue to provide the money, the free time and the flexibility to build the joyful life you imagined for yourself.

You live and work in your genius zone, doing only the things that use your very best talents.

Your clients and buyers inspire and energize you and keep saying “take my money” because you provide so much visible value.

You’re leading a revolution to make a dent in the universe for the people you love to serve.

So how do you run your soloist expertise business to get more of THAT?

THAT is exactly what I will teach you. If you’re just getting started, check out the ton of (free) resources here, including TWO podcasts, over 15 years of insightful articles and a bevy of interviews. If you’re ready for a deeper dive, you can read my book or decide to work with me. It’s all good: the goal is to turn your expertise into wealth (money, free time and flexibility) and impact.

Let’s do this!

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