Welcome to the soloist revolution...

Where you never have to work for a paycheck—or a crackpot boss—again. 

As soloists:

We reject the complexity and time suck that comes with employees.

We work only with clients and buyers who energize and inspire us.

We refuse to sell ourselves cheaply—instead, we niche into the situations where we can command premium prices.

We design the revolution we want to lead so we can transform lives while doing our best work.

We build authority businesses that optimize our revenue with the free time and flexibility we crave.

Ask yourself—does your daily reality fully measure up to the powerful opportunity you have as a soloist?

Or do  any of these sound familiar:

You’re constantly chasing your tail with demanding clients, leaving you with little time to work “on” your business.

You’re spending TONS of time “marketing”, but still haven’t built a reliably self-sustaining pipeline.

Your clients and buyers don’t see you as uniquely positioned to serve them—and you struggle to raise your prices, even for new prospects.

You haven’t developed and socialized a clear point of view that is instantly recognizable to your ideal audience.

You’re still on the gilded hamster wheel of swapping time for money.

Here’s the thing: until you have clear authority positioning and a business model designed to fully monetize your genius zone, filling your pipeline with ideal clients is a s-l-o-w slog. 

Let me help you get off the slow train and hop on to the authority express:

Command exceptionally high-end fees by committing to the niche that will position you as THE authority.

Identify your genius zone—and learn to say a firm “no” to everything else.

Fill your pipeline with clients who inspire and energize you—and happily pay your fees.

Streamline your authority marketing to focus on the 2-3 tactics that deliver your best results.

Build a business model that optimizes your ideal balance of revenue, free time and flexibility.

How I help.

I turn experts into master soloists.

We’ll position you in the right niche, firmly in your genius zone.

We’ll design and price your services and products to capture the unique value you deliver.

And we’ll optimize your business to achieve your version of the perfect balance between revenue, free time and flexibility.

After working together, my clients typically experience 2-5X revenue growth and/or transition to working fewer, more satisfying hours.

Are we a fit?

My best clients are soloists in the expertise space with at least $100K in revenue who want to grow without working more hours.

You’re smart, curious—exploring new ways to grow your expertise and your practice—and you’re an action-taker.


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