Do your clients see you as THE choice or just one of the herd?

Master Soloist 1-1 Coaching


Your six+ figure consulting business is not serving you enough.

You’re jonesing for a better way to live—working fewer, more satisfying hours—while ratcheting up your revenue.


The Mastermind For Soloist Women


Your six figure solo consulting business is jamming, but your real goal is to monetize your expertise to deliver your optimal balance of revenue, time and flexibility for this stage of your life.

Join a thoughtfully curated group of peers for 360 degree learning.


Authority Code Session


You’ve got a highly-specific strategic challenge—positioning, monetizing or selling your expertise—that is blocking your success.

Let’s blast through it.


Consultant Coaching Session


You know when you get those “aha” moments that allow you to make decisions boom-boom-boom?

That’s what this one-hour session is designed to deliver: the no B.S. clarity you need to get unstuck and restart your momentum.