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Have You Lost Your Way?

Losing your way when you’re running a business based on ideas—air, really—is easier than we’d like to think. It’s happened to clients, it’s happened to me and I’m willing to bet it’s happened to you. You take on a client … Continue reading

Still In Summer Mode Or Revving Up For Fall? I’ve Got You Covered

Everyone I’ve talked to lately is torn between diving into their business full bore (Fall) and chilling for one more week (it’s still August!) So I have something for both of you. For the let’s-get-this-thing-started crowd, I’ve created a “freebie” … Continue reading

Who’s In YOUR Brand Neighborhood?

Let’s start with a quick definition: your brand neighborhood is ANY person, product or service that you’d love to “live” on your professional street. One you’d happily hang with all day long if only you could. So if you’re an … Continue reading

Killer Moths, KonMari and Cash

Last week I discovered we’d been invaded by stealthy killer moths. The nasty little beasts ate their way through my (I thought) carefully stored wools and cashmeres—and even had the audacity to nibble on my favorite 1920’s vintage silk scarf. … Continue reading


As you speed off to spend your holidays with loved ones (or hunker down for a quiet respite), please take with you my fondest wishes for your holiday and New Year…. Peace. Joy. Love. Grace. Wisdom. 000000

Neema Namadamu

Sometimes you meet a real-life hero and something shifts inside you. They inspire you to do more. To be more. To have confidence and courage in your own path. Such a woman is Neema Namadamu. Because if Neema could do … Continue reading

There’s Still Time For Game-Changing in 2015

As I’m posting this, there are still 60 days left in the year. That’s somewhere between 500-700 business hours that you can yet co-opt to create something excitingly memorable. A game-changer to set you up for the 2016 that will … Continue reading

Leave Room For The Magic

You’re smart. Determined. Focused. You’ve got a plan and you are working it like nobody’s business. Just remember to leave room for the magic. Magic: that little bit of stardust that arrives when you least expect it. 002000

Seeing Your Work in Living Color

When you sell advice for your living, you don’t always get physical, tangible ways to see how your work played out. Sure, you see your clients’ work or lives change, you see shifts in behavior, fresh results—you know you’ve had … Continue reading

My Dad: David Morgan Moulton

Last week, I said goodbye to my father for the last time. 100% true to form, he was cracking wise and fully present until the very end (lung cancer). I now realize what a profound gift that is—to have both … Continue reading