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The One Website Change That Will Bring You More Clients

When I work on client websites, I’m always amazed at how—in the end—it’s just one change that makes all the difference. The difference between a “me too” website and the outlier that grabs your sweet-spot prospects by the shorthairs. It’s … Continue reading

3 Actions To Build Your Audience—And Revenue (Part 1)

We all like to begin the New Year with a running start. So let’s just drop-kick the resolutions and do what works. That would be action. Yes, action. Did I mention action? But before deciding what to do, it’s critical … Continue reading

Summertime Treats

August is here! Time to savor vacations, ice cream, salt water, family reunions, lake cottages, picnics (and music) under the stars. This year, I’m trying something different. For the first time in four years of blogging—I’m taking a mini-break for … Continue reading

Your Website Is Not Your Resume

A website that really draws your ideal clients to you is not a resume—it’s a conversation. 001000

White Space

White space: the empty, negative space around the elements of a design. Designers use white space to make their key pieces pop. They draw the eye exactly where they want it to go. So can you. For the visual aspects … Continue reading

Of Idols and Men

Steve Jobs put the cool in technology. But that’s not why he’s on my short list of business idols. It’s because he committed himself early to one simple, emotionally enticing principle: to make technology easy. Relentless dedication to one powerful … Continue reading

Design That Works

Google ‘graphic designer’ and you’ll get over 21 million hits. So, choice is not an issue. Or is it? At least weekly, it seems I hear a horror story about a design project gone bad. Often, the problem is the … Continue reading