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Do You Need Visuals For Your Presentation?

So that one’s a no-brainer, right? OF COURSE every presentation is better with visuals. Except when it isn’t. 000000

Selling The Invisible

Consultants, advisors, speakers—we sell the invisible. We’re selling our wisdom—or at least that’s what we think we’re selling. In truth, you’re actually selling the experience of working with you. 000000

Your Sweet-Spot (And How To Find It)

When I met “Zelda”, she had just finished her first year in business. But instead of congratulating herself for replacing her former income (plus 35%), she was considering going back into corporate. Not because she didn’t like being a solo, … Continue reading

Why I Stopped Asking For Referrals. Should You?

When I first moved to Los Angeles, you could count all my local contacts on both hands and still have plenty of fingers left over. So I joined a networking group chock-full of potential referral sources and made a conscious … Continue reading

The Art Of The Pitch

I’ve been helping a client source a junior media associate (think PR and social media) and so I’ve spent a few days buried under a virtual stack of resumes, work samples and social media links. (Recruiters—you have my undying appreciation … Continue reading

Why You Only Need Three Marketing Strategies

I was a brand-spanking new consultant proudly presenting the draft of my very first client report to the man who would become a treasured mentor. He briefly scanned it (the copious edits would come later) and his eyes lit on … Continue reading

When Your Audience Isn’t Quite Big Enough (Or Right Enough)

You have an idea. An utterly awesome idea. For a book. A course. A digital product. Before you invest tens or hundreds of hours building it out into something you can sell, ask yourself this question: Is my audience big … Continue reading

Are You Pricing Yourself Right Out Of Work?

The WordPress developer flashed across my screen in a nanosecond of Twitter interaction. I’m always on the lookout for savvy technical resources, so I tracked down her website and cruised through it. Our world views seemed to gel and I … Continue reading

Still In Summer Mode Or Revving Up For Fall? I’ve Got You Covered

Everyone I’ve talked to lately is torn between diving into their business full bore (Fall) and chilling for one more week (it’s still August!) So I have something for both of you. For the let’s-get-this-thing-started crowd, I’ve created a “freebie” … Continue reading

What’s Twitter Worth To You?

Not everybody loves Twitter. I get that. But even if you’re not currently in the Twitterverse, stay with me for a moment. Because there is something for your business in Twitter if any of these statements are true: Your sweet-spot … Continue reading