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How To Delight Clients By Being Different

Unless you were the star athlete or prom queen, being “different” in high school was challenging at best. Your peers liked conformity—you were expected to follow the unwritten rules of their time and place. So if you were the nerd, … Continue reading

Stepping Into The Spotlight

It’s your turn. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve done it 100 times or this is your first rodeo—stepping into the spotlight is a courageous act. It requires letting go, trusting that you’ve done the work and are ready to … Continue reading

Going Rogue

I’m taking a short respite this week, so please enjoy this post from last July you may have missed… You know there’s something bigger you’re ready to do. Grow your practice, expand your platform, finally write that book. But what … Continue reading

Going Rogue

You know there’s something bigger you’re ready to do. Grow your practice, expand your platform, finally write that book. But what got you to where you are right now won’t get you there. You’re ready to go rogue. To break … Continue reading

Ditch The Lemonade Stand Mindset

In my first company, we quickly outgrew our office space. Expansion wasn’t an option and to make things worse, we were in the midst of a booming commercial rental market. We scoured the city with our broker for months, searching … Continue reading

The Remarkability Equation

Are you remarkable? How about your work? Remember how good it felt the last time someone you respect gave you that compliment? How amazing would it feel if your day was chock-full of remarkable work with those who need—and appreciate—it? … Continue reading

You Finished Your Big Project. Now What?

There is something about finishing what we start that feeds us. It’s a lifecycle—with a beginning, middle and end. If you work on projects, this is a natural way of life. This week, I’m awash in the glow that comes … Continue reading

The Battles Worth Fighting For Your Brand

There is a dirty little secret nobody tells you when you start your own business. You have to fight for your brand. You are the chief warrior—the hero—for the promises you make. Which means you decide when to lead, when … Continue reading

Channeling Confidence

I love New York—it’s a place that oozes confidence. Kinky Boots-style confidence. So I am talking about how to get yourself some of THAT. 000000

Familiarity Is A Good Thing

Before publicity shots were digitized, it was common for up and coming actors to mail their headshots to the same talent agents over and over again. Their theory: that eventually they would look familiar and get past the receptionist and … Continue reading