Immerse yourself in a room of Soloist Consultants

When’s the last time you joined an artfully assembled small group of Soloist peers with the guided opportunity to connect, inspire and learn from each other?

Judging from the Soloists in my circle, I’m willing to bet it’s been a very rare treat.

Which is why I’m offering a new, intimate, in-person gathering of Soloist Consultants.

Our purpose is simple: to connect, inspire and learn from each other over dinner. Because nothing breaks through barriers faster than breaking bread.

This gathering is about you. I will carefully curate a group of non-competitive peers to address the challenges—and opportunities—of growing an expertise business at this level.

The first event will be in Boston on September 18th, 2024 at the pasta table at Giulia.

To join us, you must serve B2B clients as a Soloist Consultant with revenue of at least $250,000.

Investment: $1,000, due once your application has been approved. Apply now to reserve your spot.


Want to take full advantage of being in Boston with me? I’m holding two half-day or one full day private Strategy Session the following day (Thursday September 19th). Just mention your interest in your application and I’ll get back to you on availability.

About your Facilitator

I’m a business advisor to Soloist B2B consulting firms worldwide. I’ve helped hundreds of Soloist Consultants on three continents grow their revenue (typically by 2-5X) and their impact without resorting to an endless hustle model.

Before that, I led introverted brainiacs at two powerhouse consulting firms and turned around the failing consulting arm of a Fortune 500 company. All told, I’ve built three consulting firms from scratch—including selling one to Arthur Andersen for seven figures.

So I’ve dealt with every conceivable way to grow a consulting business and have made it my mission to help Soloist Consultants build what I call “wealth”: revenue, free time, flexibility and impact.

When it comes to small group facilitation, I’ve built some mad skills in my years of consulting: from curating and facilitating learning groups to moderating warring factions (partner and client teams) to collaborate for the collective good.

The bottom line: my small group experiences are consistently rated as transformational.