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How To Get Your Swagger On

Do you ever hesitate before hitting the real (or metaphorical) send button on something you know will put you smack in the bulls-eye for criticism? Maybe it’s a risky new program that is a big dream of yours, a controversial … Continue reading

Stepping Into The Spotlight

It’s your turn. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve done it 100 times or this is your first rodeo—stepping into the spotlight is a courageous act. It requires letting go, trusting that you’ve done the work and are ready to … Continue reading

Going Rogue

I’m taking a short respite this week, so please enjoy this post from last July you may have missed… You know there’s something bigger you’re ready to do. Grow your practice, expand your platform, finally write that book. But what … Continue reading

Killer Moths, KonMari and Cash

Last week I discovered we’d been invaded by stealthy killer moths. The nasty little beasts ate their way through my (I thought) carefully stored wools and cashmeres—and even had the audacity to nibble on my favorite 1920’s vintage silk scarf. … Continue reading

Neema Namadamu

Sometimes you meet a real-life hero and something shifts inside you. They inspire you to do more. To be more. To have confidence and courage in your own path. Such a woman is Neema Namadamu. Because if Neema could do … Continue reading

There’s Still Time For Game-Changing in 2015

As I’m posting this, there are still 60 days left in the year. That’s somewhere between 500-700 business hours that you can yet co-opt to create something excitingly memorable. A game-changer to set you up for the 2016 that will … Continue reading

What Lights You Up?

“Sylvia” started her consulting business after being downsized twice. She was determined to take the reins and direct her own future. A year in, she’d built a handful of client relationships and made about 75% of her former earnings. Not … Continue reading

My Dad: David Morgan Moulton

Last week, I said goodbye to my father for the last time. 100% true to form, he was cracking wise and fully present until the very end (lung cancer). I now realize what a profound gift that is—to have both … Continue reading

Going Rogue

You know there’s something bigger you’re ready to do. Grow your practice, expand your platform, finally write that book. But what got you to where you are right now won’t get you there. You’re ready to go rogue. To break … Continue reading

Juicing Your Creativity

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” Maya Angelou Creativity: the renewable and potentially exponential energy source within us all that allows you to transcend the traditional and explore the uncharted. How you choose … Continue reading