Broke And Tortured

Tired of attracting the broke and tortured? Try these tips…

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  • Hi, just joined into this conversation from a link on your twitter feed. I am in the early stages of my consulting business and this discussion resounds with one of my biggest concerns as I embark on my practice. I really like your comment on “we teach people how to treat us”. Some of my mentors suggested that I also pre-qualify my consulting prospects. While it’s always exciting to get a phone call or email inquiry about my services, I really should buckle down and ask a few questions up front to see if this prospect can: benefit from my services, work with me respectfully and pay for my services with minimal argument. It may even be the first time that they have heard anything related to pricing so giving ballpark numbers may also help to set their expectations once I’ve laid out the benefits of my services. With respect to those who “can’t afford” my consulting fees, I was also advised to have alternative products and payment structures (nothing too deeply discounted) if I feel that the customer is still a good one to keep. Overall, those first discussions with a client is an interview for me just as much as one for them. Great talk on the “power of words” I had no idea that verbage can also select out the audience that follows you… but it makes sense!

    • Rochelle

      Welcome Richard! Don’t worry overly much about having it all figured out up front on fees. No matter how good a job we do, we still wind up tinkering as we learn from specifc client experiences. Sounds like you’re off to a good start…

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