Taking It Over The Edge

There is a thing that brilliant creatives do—they push their work not just to the edge, but over the edge.

And then they pull it back.

Homaro Cantu of Moto started the molecular gastronomy movement (think science, technology and art) with exactly that kind of ethic. Like most great chefs, his experiments rarely make it to the menu in their initial form.

The best ads and slogans are often born this way. “Just do it” was inspired by the final words of a notorious killer headed to the firing squad. “Got Milk” almost didn’t make it out of the agency whose brass thought it was lazy.

Not that it always ends well—while trying to revolutionize city transport, Segway’s owner died driving one off a cliff.

There is no guarantee you’re going to create the next big break-through.

But if you’re not trying, you’re just like everybody else.

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