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A Handy New Sales Hack

Like you, I get random LinkedIn connection requests often. Unless they’re obvious crackpots, I usually accept and send a short message mentioning that I look forward to learning more about them/their work. They might want to sell me something I … Continue reading

Getting The Most From Your Conference Investment

True confession: until last month, I hadn’t been to a multiple day conference in almost five years. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that in public, but the truth is, I just didn’t HAVE to. My business has grown steadily … Continue reading

Getting In Synch With Your Clients—How To Build Trust

A client—let’s call him Thomas—asked me to re-purpose an old marketing piece for a niche audience he was targeting—and then create a spiffy PDF his new readers could download. It was a quick exercise. He already had a clear brand … Continue reading

Why I Stopped Asking For Referrals. Should You?

When I first moved to Los Angeles, you could count all my local contacts on both hands and still have plenty of fingers left over. So I joined a networking group chock-full of potential referral sources and made a conscious … Continue reading

Mixing Love And Business

The old formula: love + business = disaster. The new formula: love + business = brilliance. Love is a word business schools—not to mention consulting and advisory firms—shy away from. We are taught to make our case with value propositions. … Continue reading

Seven Moves To Rev Up Your Consulting Business For 2017

It’s never too early—or too late—to fire up your consulting business for 2017. Here are seven moves you can make right now to position yourself for the work, the clients and the revenue you deserve. Revisit your business strategy. What’s your … Continue reading

The Art Of The Pitch

I’ve been helping a client source a junior media associate (think PR and social media) and so I’ve spent a few days buried under a virtual stack of resumes, work samples and social media links. (Recruiters—you have my undying appreciation … Continue reading

Focus On Your Magic Zone (And Outsource Everything Else)

What if you could spend the vast majority of your day doing exactly the work you adore? The kind where you lose track of time, while tapping into your special talents and passions: your magic zone. Chances are, this is … Continue reading

Selling By Not Selling

It was early in the life of my first start-up. Nothing would smooth our glide path faster than the right handful of new clients. The first was a “gimmee”—a prior client who’d just accepted a new job (neatly rendering my … Continue reading

How To Fatten Up Your Client Pipeline

There is one place where fat is pretty much always better: your pipeline of great-fit potential clients. They’re reading your email missives or subscribing to your blog. They’re following you on Twitter, connecting with you on LinkedIn—maybe they’re even watching … Continue reading