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Mastering The Frequency Of Your Tribe

Every tribe has a frequency—a set of wants, needs, behaviors, standards and expectations—that you must tune into if you’re going to have real impact, influence and leadership. The challenge? If you want to tap into existing tribes to grow your … Continue reading

Selling By Not Selling

It was early in the life of my first start-up. Nothing would smooth our glide path faster than the right handful of new clients. The first was a “gimmee”—a prior client who’d just accepted a new job (neatly rendering my … Continue reading

I’m Not Able To Do That

Your plans for the New Year are rolling along. You’re full of energy, excitedly engulfed in playing out your vision and plans. You’ve made the Shonda Rhimes decision —that this will be your year of saying yes to the things that … Continue reading

One Simple Habit That Will Spawn Your Best Work

My first mentor in consulting—think stern, silver-haired, driven genius who never settled for less than his (or my) very best work—taught me one of the most important skills I ever learned. The one habit that—over time—will help spawn your best … Continue reading

High Maintenance (“When Harry Met Sally” Style)

“You’re the worst kind. You think you’re low maintenance but you’re actually high maintenance.” Harry to Sally Unless you specialize in the uber-difficult, one of life’s small victories is isolating and politely turning away high maintenance, suck-you-dry people. Clients. Customers. … Continue reading

Your Brand Is Bigger Than You

Your brand—whether it’s your personal brand or your company’s—may feel like it’s all yours. But it’s bigger than you. The members of your community have a stake in it. They feel it viscerally when your brand shifts—or is attacked from … Continue reading

Becoming Human Catnip

Ever notice how you just feel better when you’re in the presence of certain people? You get more energized and feel like you can conquer the world? Human catnip! Here’s how you can channel some of their magic… 000000

Choosing Your Killer Story

I was sourcing designers for a client project and looking for a very particular esthetic. Through referral, I connected with the very sort of talent I was seeking. His work was clean and elegant with a dash of verve that … Continue reading

Can You Be Vulnerable?

“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.” Brené Brown Ah vulnerability. We expect it from our clients but we fear it in ourselves. 000000

Building Your Platform

Having the right stage (with the right audience) is mission-critical if you want to spread your work. Are you ready to build your platform? Here’s how… 000000