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Dealing With A Negotiator

What’s a Negotiator? SO glad you asked. It’s that client who always wants a deal–it’s as though bargaining is in their DNA. So unless you want to put yourself permanently “on sale”, you have to nip their negotiation attempts right … Continue reading

2 Ways To Kick-Start Your Summer

We’re just at the real start—at least in the northern hemisphere—of true summer. The kick off your shoes, go to the beach, grab a lemonade and lounge chair part of summer. Can you use this time to grow your personal … Continue reading

Should You—EVER—Work For Free?

We’ve all had them. Those pesky requests to work for free or discount your fees. How do you say no? And is there ever a time when “yes” is the right answer? 000000

Magnifying Your Presence

Presence: that immediately recognizable quality that draws people to you. It’s not about being famous or even handsome or beautiful, but about confidence. Clarity. It’s knowing your value without having to convince everyone you meet. Here are three habits you … Continue reading

Staple Yourself To Your Personal Brand

“Staple yourself to an order” was first developed by Harvard Business School professor Ben Shapiro. It was conceived as a way for big, complex companies to understand their client experience—and make it better. But it works on an intimate scale … Continue reading

Taking It Over The Edge

How do you take your work to a new place—not just up a notch, but to a whole new galaxy? There is a thing that brilliant creatives do—they push their work not just to the edge, but over the edge. … Continue reading

Sucking The Personality Out Of Your Brand (Not)

Has your personality been sucked out of your brand? That would be a damned shame because personality—when it’s real and genuine and serves your clients—is going to draw the right people to you like lightning. Here’s how to get it … Continue reading

Becoming Human Catnip

Ever notice how you just feel better when you’re in the presence of certain people? You get more energized and feel like you can conquer the world? Human catnip! Here’s how you can channel some of their magic… 000000

3 Tricks To Squelching Trolls

Trolls are relentless critics who actually take PLEASURE in tearing you—or your ideas—down. It’s time to stop them dead in their tracks… 000000

New Year Ahead

It’s December, which is a bit like the last gasp of the year. You’d probably rather be thinking about holiday parties than about where your business is headed. But the beauty of right now is that you still have one … Continue reading