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Are You Tapping Into Your Best Asset?

Let’s try an experiment. For just a few moments, visualize your very best client projects and relationships. The ones where you’ve done your most game-changing work. Where you’ve moved the needle—significantly—toward getting your clients what they most want. Got the … Continue reading

Your Underdog Story

We consultants love to tell our war stories: the transformation of clients, the before-to-after that wouldn’t have happened without our, ahem, brilliant intervention. There’s an important place for those of course—like on your testimonials or services page. But you also … Continue reading

Creating Non-Sucky Packaging For Your Consulting Business

When I started my first consulting business (pre-internet), the first thing I did was collect the brochures from each of the largest competing firms in my market. My goal was to understand how they positioned and marketed themselves so I … Continue reading

How To See Your Story

One of the great challenges when you’re selling yourself is “seeing” your story so you can share it. Crossing the gulf from just another fill-in-the-blank to utterly compelling means discovering the threads that tie together the intricate (and sometimes seemingly … Continue reading

Discover Your Copywriting Mojo

Your copy—website, marketing pieces, email blasts—MATTERS. It tells your world who they’re dealing with. ARE YOU SHOUTING, TRYING TO CAPTURE ATTENTION? Or are you more of a conversationalist? Maybe you like to create a little drama and intrigue, the better … Continue reading

3 Actions To Build Your Audience—And Revenue (Part 1)

We all like to begin the New Year with a running start. So let’s just drop-kick the resolutions and do what works. That would be action. Yes, action. Did I mention action? But before deciding what to do, it’s critical … Continue reading

Sucking The Personality Out Of Your Brand

Let me start by stipulating that I like change. You can’t live creatively and not wrap your arms around the concept. But where is it written that when a brand is acquired, the first order of business is to suck … Continue reading

Writing A Killer Bio

Your bio is the one place you get to tell your story. Make it killer. 001000

Taking It Over The Edge

There is a thing that brilliant creatives do—they push their work not just to the edge, but over the edge. And then they pull it back. Homaro Cantu of Moto started the molecular gastronomy movement (think science, technology and art) … Continue reading

Broke And Tortured

Tired of attracting the broke and tortured? Try these tips… 000000