It’s A Wrap: Season One of The Soloist Women Podcast

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started recording episodes for my new Soloist Women podcast back in August.

15 episodes in, I can now confidently say there is some pure gold in there.

And not only because the women I wanted to interview most said “yes”, but because their generosity in sharing their hard-won wisdom and stories is front and center. Gutsy and full of heart.

If you haven’t had a chance to listen and feel like a binge over the holidays, you can start here.

Or if you’d rather try out the most downloaded episodes, choose from these:

From $35,000 to Gunning For $1 Million with Mindi Zissman

Carving Out Your Niche And Discovering Your Mission with Geraldine Carter

Wining The Scalability Game with Erin Austin

Selling For Soloists with Shannyn Lee

A New Way To Think About SEO for Soloists with Sarah Moon

Season 2 starts back up on January 4th, so stay tuned…

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