From $35,000 to Gunning For $1 Million with Mindi Zissman

Mindi Zissman started her specialized B2B content firm so she could work from home and replace her then $35K salary. Today, she’s gunning for the $1 million mark and no one in their right mind would bet against her.

We talk about:

What it takes to leave a comfortable job to start your first business.

Revenue progression: hitting your first $100K and busting through your significant income plateaus.

How to leverage through hiring/contracting “mini me’s” to do client work (and why systems will become your saving grace).

The magic of committing to exactly the right niche (and why it might take a hot minute to get there).



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Mindi Zissman is the President of Zissman Media, a B2B content firm specializing in the risk, insurance and compliance industries. Mindi started Zissman Media in 2004 to be the voice of her clients, expressing their industry expertise through thought leadership. Mindi is passionate about doing project research and connecting one-on-one with her clients.

In her spare time, Mindi is an avid runner and fitness enthusiast and teaches 11th grade Writing Workshop at a private high school in Chicago where she lives with her husband and five children.


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