Carving Out Your Niche And Discovering Your Mission with Geraldine Carter

Geraldine Carter started her business because she didn’t want to be an employee again. EVER. But when she discovered how much she loved coaching CPAs, she set a clear and compelling mission: helping overworked CPAs create the accounting firm and the life they have always wanted.

Geraldine joins me for a no-holds-barred conversation about business, money and impact:

What to do when you have to make your business work because you never want to be an employee again.

How to find your people and zero in on your mission to serve them.

Why it’s easier to make your second $100,000 than your first.

What happens when your revenue crosses over to your personal definition of “enough”.

The costs and pleasures of committing to ruthlessly staying solo.



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Geraldine Carter is a business coach for overworked solo CPAs and firm owners who want to go down to 40 hours without giving up revenue. Her clients routinely shave hundreds of hours off their to-do lists and get back above water, so they can reshape their practice into one in which they thrive. Her podcast, Business Strategy for CPAs has more than 100,000 downloads and is ranked in the top ten podcast for CPAs, by Apple Podcasts.

Geraldine holds a BS in Engineering from Cornell University, is the co-founder and CFO of a company where her cashflow forecasting models resulted in millions of dollars for climate change efforts. In her free time, she can be found mountain biking forested trails or running after her two small children in her hometown of Ketchum, ID.


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