When Your Genius Is Trying To Tell You Something

When “Deirdre” came to me, her business was looking pretty good from the outside.

Her revenue was in the low six figures and she had a mostly full pipeline (she was a savvy marketer).

The challenge? Deirdre wasn’t happy with how she was spending her time AND she was sensing her business had untapped revenue potential.

A deep dive into how she was working showed that:

While execution-style work was paying the bills, her first love (and real genius) was strategy.

She’d built a business model with an endless loop that kept clients tied to her (which can be a smart move for some, but was becoming a strain for her).

While the niche she’d chosen was generally working, there was a subset of clients whose challenges absorbed her—but she couldn’t seem to make the time to serve their special needs.

Deirdre had gradually gotten lost in her zone of excellence. Making a good living executing her craft, but feeling that there was more than this.

And she was right.

That something was deliberately working in her genius zone—that sweet spot where she was firing on all cylinders, happily solving interesting challenges and earning a hefty premium doing what no one else could.

Once it was clear there WAS untapped genius in her and her business, decisions came fast and furious:

A firm no to anything/anyone new that was outside her zone of genius.

Offloading essential tasks that she just didn’t want to do anymore.

A listening tour of that subset of clients she’d become fascinated by, followed by a revamp of her offerings.

Building an off-ramp for the no-longer-ideal clients to get their needs met elsewhere (that also provided a revenue transition to her new focus).

A messaging shift that resonated with her tighter niche and a revised go-to-market strategy.

Total time from realizing she could make a shift to completing it? Six months.

Total revenue? Flat for a bit (no new clients), then an uptick, then 2X at 18 months and almost 3X at 24 months.

Happiness factor? Off the charts. Occupying her genius zone has energized and inspired her to keep her work spiraling upward.

Here’s the thing: this isn’t magic (it just feels like it). You too can tap into your genius if you’re willing to go there.

And since that’s easier with help (and some motivated peers), I’ve designed a new 5-Day Genius Time Challenge to get you moving into YOUR genius zone.

It starts this coming Monday, January 8th and you can find the details here.

If you’re ready to increase the joy, freedom and revenue potential of working in your genius zone, I hope you’ll join us.

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