A New Way To Think About SEO For Soloists with Sarah Moon

If you’re like most of us in the soloist expertise space, you probably think of SEO—if you bother with it at all—as picking the right keywords so that maybe you’ll get discovered in a google search. But marketing consultant Sarah Moon has a different take.

We explore:

Why SEO is not the mysterious, robotic box we’ve heard about—and a new way we can think about it.

How to discover—and capitalize on—the big questions your audience is asking when they search.

When SEO can help you discover a new audience you didn’t even know existed.

The three key elements of game-changing SEO for knowledge businesses.

Aligning your authority not only with your vision and point of view, but with what your ideal clients and buyers are searching for.



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Sarah Moon is a Portland, Oregon-based marketing and business strategist on a mission to rethink modern marketing so it works for us—instead of making us miserable. She’s known for her unique knowledge of SEO and how solo consultants and “personal brands” can leverage this underutilized approach to get found and make an impact. She founded Sarah Moon & Co by mistake in 2008 after a layoff from a cushy public sector public relations job and never looked back.

Outside of work, Sarah is a servant to two Australian Shepherds and is an avid cyclist, bread baker, standup paddleboarder, and local food nerd.


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