What Are You Ridiculously Reliable For?

Consistency. Successful audience and business building depends on it.

But making it into an art form can lift you above the others in your space.

Think ridiculously reliable.

What can you be counted upon—to always, always deliver? What does your posse know, in the deepest sense, that they can count on you for, no matter what else is happening on the planet?

Maybe it’s that you are outrageously creative—the Lady Gaga, Seth Godin, Karim Rashid or Adam Mansbach (who wrote “Go The F*** To Sleep”) of your specialty.

Or that you consistently buck the established order to make change or create art—Richard Branson, Blake Mycoskie, Banksy, deadmau5.

Perhaps you have an internal vision that you stick to religiously, even when no one else is listening—Oprah, Steve Jobs, J.K Rowling, Nelson Mandela.

And let’s not forget those who are simply immersing themselves in—and sharing—what they love most—John Grisham, Wendy Kopp, Alexa Hirschfeld.

Dig deep to discover what you are willing to be ridiculously reliable for. It should be so much a part of your DNA that it’s unthinkable not to strive for it every single day.

Ready to commit to being a ridiculously reliable force for what matters to you most?

Declare your vow here.

(Photo courtesy of Banksy)


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