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The Difference Between A Professional And A Hack

If Turning Pro author Steven Pressfield were whispering in my ear giving advice on two recent projects, I’m pretty sure he’d have said: hire the pro—not the amateur—and never EVER the hack. We got it half right. Guy #1: The … Continue reading

How To Grow Your Consulting Practice Consistently

Dealing with the crazy-urgent—client emergencies, project deadlines, a last-minute media request—is easy for most entrepreneurial consultants and advisors. We’re hard-wired to deal with the immediate and often take great pride in our ability to manage amidst chaos. But focusing on … Continue reading

Getting Your Brilliance Used

It’s one thing to feel brilliant. To master your craft and build seemingly endless wisdom to offer your ideal clients. It’s another thing to actually get your brilliance used. To have a steady stream of clients, readers, buyers (take your … Continue reading

Becoming A Thought Leader

“Thought leader” is almost never a formal title. It’s the label your peers or the media might attach to you when they deeply respect your viewpoint in your area of expertise. You can be a thought leader in a profession—like … Continue reading

Turning Up Your Velocity

You’re doing some—or maybe even MANY—of the right things to grow your consultancy or advisory business. And yet your progress feels ever so s-l-o-w. Sluggish compared to what you know, deep in your bones, is possible. If you could just … Continue reading

I’m Not Able To Do That

Your plans for the New Year are rolling along. You’re full of energy, excitedly engulfed in playing out your vision and plans. You’ve made the Shonda Rhimes decision —that this will be your year of saying yes to the things that … Continue reading

Leave Room For The Magic

You’re smart. Determined. Focused. You’ve got a plan and you are working it like nobody’s business. Just remember to leave room for the magic. Magic: that little bit of stardust that arrives when you least expect it. 002000

Why You Need To Pick One Thing To Be Brilliant At

I used to spend summer weekends in a small Michigan town about 70 miles outside of Chicago. There wasn’t enough local or seasonal demand to keep certain kinds of shops in business, so you’d buy your landscaping supplies, do your … Continue reading

Instant Authority: We’re Live!

I’m thrilled to announce that Instant Authority is now open. I’ve built this course to teach you how to parlay your talents, experiences and point of view into a one-of-a-kind platform that delivers Instant Authority. Every bit has been field-tested … Continue reading

So You Want To Be A Visionary

You’re at a cocktail party and a confident guy strolls over, drink in hand and introduces himself: “Hi, I’m Ted and I’m a visionary. What do you do?” Happens all the time, right? Of course not (and if it does, … Continue reading