Being Popular

Elections—especially the big ones—always seem to contain some vestiges of high school. Will the winner be the guy with the flashiest smile or the girl with the quickest wit? What will tip the scales—looks, brains, athletic prowess?

Or is it, as Galinda sang in “Wicked”, “all about popular”?:

“It’s not about aptitude
It’s the way you’re viewed
So it’s very shrewd to be
Very very popular”?

Being “popular” can put you in line for the big prizes, but you’ll never come close—much less win—without backing it up. Without real vision and substance.

Welcome to authentic personal branding.

We’re not talking high school here. Popular in this space (with apologies to Galinda) is being well-known, unforgettable even, for your truest, one-of-a-kind combination of talents, passions, compelling vision and service. Service to your community, your audience, your tribe.

Being popular then isn’t about how many Twitter followers you have or Facebook likes you snag. It’s about how you make your posse feel.

So go ahead. Kiss a few babies if that’s what jazzes you. But don’t let it distract you from what really moves the needle—connecting with your people on issues that matter.

And vote. Make sure to vote.


  • Once again Rochelle, in these turbulent times you find a way to hit the nail square on the head. If only our political friends in Washington would learn working together is more effective than trying to be right. We know the issues confronting us. So why can’t those we elect understand we are not stuck on partisanship; but on accomplishing something that assists the general population. Ask any of our friends on the coast of New jersey if they care if a Democrat or Republican brings them the assistance they so badly need.


  • Probably your best ever of many excellent blogs. “Authentic Personal Branding” – I like it. “Connecting on What Matters.” Just well done!. Kudos.

  • John Charnay

    You again authentically and creatively communicate!!! That’s why we love you and you are so popular!!!

    John Charnay

  • Aw, thanks guys! And here I was having trouble hitting the publish button on this one. Your kudos are VERY much appreciated…

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