The Power Of Consistency

I work out every weekday in the small gym in my building. And whether I show up at 5:30 AM (weight days) or 6:15, there are three to five fellow loyalists I can count on seeing.

That all changed (as it does every year) just after January 1 when our little band expanded to twelve. That lasted a week. The following week we lost two of the newbies and the exodus continued until—you guessed it—by the end of January we were back to the original die-hards.

None of us are gym rats. We all have different goals—from blowing off stress to competing in triathlons to fitting into our skinny jeans. But we stay at it every day, doing what we can to keep our momentum flowing.

It’s called consistency.

The power of consistency extends far beyond the gym.

When it comes to projecting authority, building trust and attracting clients and buyers—consistency matters.

And no, that doesn’t mean BORING.

The consistent teach us what to expect from them. Brilliant insight. A relatable story. A little inspiration. Maybe even a chuckle or two.

The pro that produces consistently—content, engagement, stellar work product—is the one we are drawn to. They become who we trust first, who we read, who we watch and ultimately who we hire.

The butterfly that flits from topic to topic or goes MIA for weeks at a time does not inspire confidence—he screams “flake”. The blogger who starts off with a bang and gradually posts every few months isn’t a professional, but a hobbyist.

Your work isn’t your hobby.

So prove you are ridiculously consistent.

Start with being exquisitely clear on the big idea your consulting, advice or products support.

Then develop the key planks (and actions) that you rely upon to grow your business—your client pipeline, digital audience building, social media, blogging.

And then? Perhaps the hardest part: stick to your plan long enough to decide if it’s working. Hint: a month of tossing out a few tweets or LinkedIn posts with no traction is not the kind of consistency we’re talking about here.

Don’t be afraid to zig if your plan isn’t working. But be sure you’ve invested the right amount of time and energy before you call it quits.

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  • Being consistent is challenging and to be GREAT, you must learn to be consistent. When it comes to building your brand, consistency counts.

  • Consistency is doing the same thing over and over. It does include the tweaking necessary to make it workable as well as successful. It is setting out on a goal and having those intermediate steps where you can see if this direction is THE direction. It’s getting to the end of your tasks for the day and, if there is still time remaining, continuing on. Numbers as a measuring stick do not mean you stop once they are reached. It does mean you can keep on doing what works and your goals will be reached.

  • I prefer the term loyalty. Too long a story to explain but much the same as consistency. Loyal to the truth, your goals, your clients (family always but that should be a given in these discussions.) and your branding. It means being “real” or genuine. Be loyal to command or merit loyalty back. Those qualities get you to the next level and that makes a big difference over the course of your career. Dismiss the concept and maybe you get by, stay where you are, plod along; but why not aspire and reach.

  • Rochelle

    Thanks Corey–it’s all about the reach…

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