When You Do It For Love

Ellen DeGeneres. Daniel Pink. Marianne Williamson. Steven Pressfield. Alexa von Tobel.

What do they have in common?

They do what they do for love.

Don’t get me wrong—they didn’t blindly stumble into success. They are talented and skilled, working with immense discipline and consistency.

But their drive—why they do what they do—comes from love. It’s their calling. It’s their life’s work. They plow through obstacles and face down fears because they have a bigger purpose.

When you’re not afraid to show your love—in all its imperfectly perfect glory—that’s when the game changes.

We humans are hungry for emotional connection. Feed us, inspire us and we will start beating a path to your door. And then things REALLY start to percolate. Before you know it:

You’ve got a big idea and your growing posse latches on, multiplying your influence in ways you didn’t dare imagine.

Your dream media comes a calling (or has the good sense to say “yes!” to your pitch).

You are launching your book, your speaking, your programs and products—you—to an appreciative tribe who can’t get enough.

It doesn’t happen overnight. Those high-powered names worked for it. They battled for it (do read Pressfield’s War of Art) every time they faced an empty page or dark night of the soul. They made sacrifices along the way, but love sustained them.

Because love—real, genuine, down-to-your toes love for your work and your audience—is rocket fuel. It is the ultimate high-octane juice we all need to keep creating and keep serving.

Do it for love.

Wishing you a most delightful Valentine’s Day.

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  • I wrote a song a few years back titled The Journey”. It is primarily instrumental, but has 2 sentences in as my vocal contribution. One of the sentences is: “I’ll never be all I can be, until I take my sights off me”.

    Torturous experiences, such as we experience in the dark night of the soul, have a tendency to become all consuming and can limit our vision to our overwhelming issue. Its a kind of irony to find that freedom, contentment, joy and peace arrive when the vision returns with love and compassion for others…

    May you be ever resilient in your mission Rochelle.

  • I really LOVE this one. One really needs to aspire and persevere to achieve at a high level; if you show enthusiasm (aka LOVE) for your work, folks notice. I know I enjoy what I do and enjoy it more what it makes a difference for the client (and/ or a greater good as well). For me I often balance getting noticed against getting the client noticed (and of course one emphasizes the client’s needs). What I also find: clients served well like when their professional advisor gets attention as well (as long as the “acclaim” comes not at their expense); it makes them feel good that others recognize something special in you.

  • Exactly! Clients appreciate knowing their advisor is recognized when it’s consistent with their experience.

  • nice post, and so true. If you start with your ‘why’, remind yourself of that continually and then communicate it outwardly, you will both make the emotional connection with your customers/followers as well as keep youself focused and in the game.

  • I saw John Demartini speak a couple of times in the last few years. On one occasion he said this and it stuck with me…

    “When you’re on fire for what you do, people will come from miles around to watch you burn”

    So I follow that philosophy now as much as possible.

    Nicely put Rochelle, thanks.

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