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A Handy New Sales Hack

Like you, I get random LinkedIn connection requests often. Unless they’re obvious crackpots, I usually accept and send a short message mentioning that I look forward to learning more about them/their work. They might want to sell me something I … Continue reading

Engagement: Can You Reach Your Tribe Without It?

Engagement: can you reach your tribe without it? Well, that depends. Social media started it—this fascination with “engagement” as the gold standard for how well you’re positioning yourself with your digital tribe. 002100

Being The Right Amount Of Social

Getting social media right for your business is a bit like driving a stick shift—you have to find the right balance of clutch and gas or you’ll stall out. That balance is different for every car—a Prius doesn’t handle like … Continue reading

7 Day Social Media Cleanse: How A Week Without Social Media Rebooted My Mindset

It all started with a seemingly simple decision in early December: to move inland, tucked between the mountains of Los Angeles. While I’ve moved many times, little did I understand the challenges of finding the exact perfect spot in the … Continue reading

Digging Down To Your True Voice

If someone you just met—say after a 10 minute conversation—clicked onto your website or any of your social media pages, would they instantly know it was you? Or would they scratch their heads wondering where your personality went? You may … Continue reading

What’s Twitter Worth To You?

Not everybody loves Twitter. I get that. But even if you’re not currently in the Twitterverse, stay with me for a moment. Because there is something for your business in Twitter if any of these statements are true: Your sweet-spot … Continue reading

Face It—You May Be Running A Media Company

If producing content—blog posts, articles, videos, podcasts—is a significant part of your marketing, you may well be running a media company. Or at least a media division. And that means you have to start thinking and operating more like a … Continue reading

Isn’t It Time You Got Discovered?

I remember the first time I was “discovered” on-line. It was 2009 and I’d just joined Twitter as a brand-spanking new blogger (@ConsultingChick). I’d been consulting for years, but had built all my businesses on referrals and prior relationships. 2009 … Continue reading

The Power Of Consistency

I work out every weekday in the small gym in my building. And whether I show up at 5:30 AM (weight days) or 6:15, there are three to five fellow loyalists I can count on seeing. That all changed (as … Continue reading

Three Tactics To Win More Clients in 2015 (Part 2)

Last week, I gave you some tips to make sure that your “billboard”—AKA your website—is not only current, but compelling and, well, YOU. Once you’ve got your message firmly in place for all to see, you are ready to build … Continue reading