Isn’t It Time You Got Discovered?

I remember the first time I was “discovered” on-line.

It was 2009 and I’d just joined Twitter as a brand-spanking new blogger (@ConsultingChick). I’d been consulting for years, but had built all my businesses on referrals and prior relationships. 2009 you may remember, was in the depths of the recession and business was s-l-o-w.

So imagine my surprise when my initial digital mailing list (about 600 of my flesh-and-blood peeps) suddenly started populating with Twitter followers I’d never met. And they started writing to me. Publicly and privately.

My first client came two months in—he’d read one of my articles and seemed almost dazzled that there was someone who could do exactly what he needed done. But he wasn’t nearly as dazzled as I was—a client just coming in over the transom? No advertising, no traveling to coffees and lunches, no business development. How cool was that?

Fast forward to 2015—now all my non-referral work comes that way.

And I want the same for you.

Why should you be a well-kept secret?

Because that’s what’s happening if you’re scrambling for work. If you’re struggling to break through to that place where new clients come to you almost effortlessly—a steady pipeline of work from happy client referrals, your website, speaking gigs, articles.

Here’s the thing. It’s not about being anointed by the media or the guru du jour of your industry or even your always-in-the-news dream client.

It’s easier than that. It’s all about being discovered by the relatively small group of kindred spirits who can become your raving fans.

Think about that.

You’ve got something to say, a damned fine set of experiences and talents and passions. Why wouldn’t you assemble your very own glory circle?

Well, after years working with clients—from soloists to the big boys—I’ve found the culprit usually rests in one of three categories:

You’re just not cutting through the noise. Your content looks and sounds like everybody else in your space. Your website screams 1999 (and yes that includes those stuck-in-time photographs). Or worse—your message just doesn’t align with where you really want to take your brand and your business.

You’re playing small. You have a big idea, but you are tentative—timid even. You surround yourself with distracting busywork, afraid to muster the courage to write that game-changing blog post, attack the podium, take on that big scary client.

You’re a Luddite. You scoff at social media even while your competitors use it surgically to drive eyeballs to—and ultimately engagement in—your common cause. Maybe you even grumble about how so-and-so is a sleaze and not worthy of the ridiculous amount of social attention he gets.

The good news?

It’s never too late to step into the light. To refresh your hook and your look. To decide you’re ready to play the right game on the right field. To join the technorati (or at least take a few giant steps into the modern age).

Isn’t it time YOU got discovered?

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