Digging Down To Your True Voice

If someone you just met—say after a 10 minute conversation—clicked onto your website or any of your social media pages, would they instantly know it was you?

Or would they scratch their heads wondering where your personality went?

You may have a “voice” problem.

Your digital voice is much more than the sound when your lips move. It’s also what you say (blog posts, articles, commentary, podcasts, videos), how you say it (your style) and the images you choose to tell your story across each of your platforms.

When all those elements are working in harmony, you’ve got yourself a clear brand personality.

But why stop there?

Digging down to your deepest, truest (maybe even scary to contemplate) voice is how you can leave the rest of your niche in the dust.

My newest writer crush Mark Manson says it this way:


I am an author, blogger and entrepreneur. I write personal development advice that doesn’t suck. Some people say I’m an idiot. Other people say I saved their life. Read and decide for yourself.”

He does lace his work with f-bombs (not for everyone), but it’s part of Mark’s DNA and he uses them to brilliant effect. No one else in the self-help space sounds remotely like him.

But maybe you’re in a more staid profession, like say financial planning. That still doesn’t mean you have to be dead boring.

Take a look at this story from financial planner Brittney Castro, who’s carved out a niche for herself with “financially wise women”.

“You see, I was the weird kid growing up who loved to play with my fake cash register and pretend checkbook. Something about organizing my money and being methodical with those toys just came naturally to me. I grew up in a middle-class family where my dad was a police officer and my mom managed the day-to-day finances like most women do. By watching my parents manage their money, I learned the power of living within your means, budgeting and having good credit. My parents taught by example, and while I, like you, did not have any formal financial education growing up, I learned early on that if you love your money, it will love you back.”

A newer planner (nine years), she fills her site with an upbeat, playful tone that works for her target demo (which is NOT the average baby boomer). Refreshing, no?

Finally here’s another site you should check out—author/speaker Todd Henry.

“I’m Todd Henry.

I write books, speak internationally on creativity, productivity, and passion for work, and help people and teams generate brilliant ideas. 

In short, I’m an arms dealer for the creative revolution.”

BAM—right between the eyes! (Be sure to note how his landing photo jumps off the page).

But here’s the thing. I guarantee that Mark, Brittney, Todd—and anyone else who has found their authentic voice—didn’t arrive fully formed their first time out. It just doesn’t work that way.

You have to put your stake in the ground. And dig. And then dig some more. Sometimes you’ll hit a rock and have to dig it out or work around it.

But eventually, you’ll uncover your one true voice and all your work starts to fall into place. (Cue the angels singing.)

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  • Very on target advice but since I could first understand words my late Grandpa told me to be calm and cool and all times, not quite the fit for my sites to use so overtly provocative phrasing.
    Nevertheless I enjoy viewing how others use words and frequently ponder thinking with my words, and occasionally tinker with my descriptions.
    Bottom line: we never stop learning and everyday one can learn something big and small.
    Thanks for sharing Rochelle.

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