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Three Tactics To Win More Clients (Part 1)

Don’t you just love the new? Shiny, sparkly, brand-spanking new ideas to ponder. But sometimes, new is over-rated. Sometimes, you want something with a little patina, a little seasoning. That’s how it is with marketing your service business. So for … Continue reading

Getting Ready For Your “Shot”

When I walk my dog Jackson in the pre-dawn hours, it is rarely pretty. No make-up, bed hair tied back in a ponytail and—this time—wrapped in my husband’s bulky jacket since it was easiest to grab on my way out … Continue reading

Digging Down To Your True Voice

If someone you just met—say after a 10 minute conversation—clicked onto your website or any of your social media pages, would they instantly know it was you? Or would they scratch their heads wondering where your personality went? You may … Continue reading

Creating Non-Sucky Packaging For Your Consulting Business

When I started my first consulting business (pre-internet), the first thing I did was collect the brochures from each of the largest competing firms in my market. My goal was to understand how they positioned and marketed themselves so I … Continue reading

Building Digital Trust

  Building relationships is all about trust. But when your first contact is digital, it’s magnified 10x. We’re all looking—consciously or not—for clues that tell us whether we can believe what we’re seeing, hearing and watching. If your Spidey sense … Continue reading

Six Signs Your Brand Needs A Makeover

Your consulting or advisory business is tooling along, but falls far short of the big platform performance you’ve always envisioned. Or you have a big, bold idea and it’s just not catching fire with your audience—it feels like you’re on … Continue reading

The One Website Change That Will Bring You More Clients

When I work on client websites, I’m always amazed at how—in the end—it’s just one change that makes all the difference. The difference between a “me too” website and the outlier that grabs your sweet-spot prospects by the shorthairs. It’s … Continue reading