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Your Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be A Life Sentence

Your brand is the promise—implied and explicit—you make to your ideal clients and buyers. It’s the essential truth of your firm, your services and products and, well, you. It’s the emotional tug to your sweet-spot audience that creates evangelists to … Continue reading

How To Grow Your Consulting Practice Consistently

Dealing with the crazy-urgent—client emergencies, project deadlines, a last-minute media request—is easy for most entrepreneurial consultants and advisors. We’re hard-wired to deal with the immediate and often take great pride in our ability to manage amidst chaos. But focusing on … Continue reading

Are You Tapping Into Your Best Asset?

Let’s try an experiment. For just a few moments, visualize your very best client projects and relationships. The ones where you’ve done your most game-changing work. Where you’ve moved the needle—significantly—toward getting your clients what they most want. Got the … Continue reading

Three Tactics To Win More Clients (Part 3)

Today we’re talking about the third ticket to building the audience and revenue you need to make your next break-through. If you’re just joining, you can catch up here on Part 1: Refresh Your Website and Part 2: Make Media Work … Continue reading

Three Tactics To Win More Clients (Part 1)

Don’t you just love the new? Shiny, sparkly, brand-spanking new ideas to ponder. But sometimes, new is over-rated. Sometimes, you want something with a little patina, a little seasoning. That’s how it is with marketing your service business. So for … Continue reading

Digging Down To Your True Voice

If someone you just met—say after a 10 minute conversation—clicked onto your website or any of your social media pages, would they instantly know it was you? Or would they scratch their heads wondering where your personality went? You may … Continue reading

How To Fatten Up Your Client Pipeline

There is one place where fat is pretty much always better: your pipeline of great-fit potential clients. They’re reading your email missives or subscribing to your blog. They’re following you on Twitter, connecting with you on LinkedIn—maybe they’re even watching … Continue reading

Niche or Just Admit You’re Headed For Irrelevance

If you’re jonesing to be more than just an average player in financial advisory, consulting or coaching, you no longer have a choice. It’s not a question of SHOULD you niche, but how. Think about it. You’re not a financial … Continue reading

What You Need To Do Before Writing Your Book (Or Selling Consulting Products)

We all know the publishing world has changed forever. The author most likely to snag a publishing deal is the one who already has a name brand and an outsized platform. So what does that mean for YOU? Digital baby. … Continue reading