Die Procrastination, Die

We’ve all got something that stops us. Even if you’re a ready, fire, aim sort, there is something you want to create that isn’t happening. That is within your control to change.

Procrastination isn’t just delay. It’s substituting things that feel good (crossing the inconsequential off the list perhaps?) for things that matter. That move the needle. That will propel you—no, catapult you—forward.

What’s one big dream you have for your work right now? A book? A speech? New website? Picture it now. In vivid detail. And then think about how you’ll feel when. When it’s published. When your audience applauds wildly. When you change lives forever.

Got it? With that picture firmly in your head and heart, repeat after me:

Today I will make an investment in my future.

Today I will stop substituting stuff that’s fast for the stuff that gets me closer to my dream.

Today, I will _____________________(insert what you know in your heart you most need to do).

Repeat daily.



  • Storm and aftermath delayed my intentions to respond. Might that involve procrastination. Perhaps.
    Yes throughout the storm aka Sandy, I thought I just might make this change to my website that I believe we discussed in NY but each time things came up – some client matters related to the storm and often sharing the information on how to deal with the storm, get aid, volunteer, get gas etc with various contacts. Even tonight, a friend reached out about a dangerous situation that remains unaddressed post Sandy. So of course, I reach out to media contacts to ramp up the pressure for the necessary government response. Earlier, another colleague shared one of the large shelters lacked a variety of clothes. Of course I reach out to contacts in government and the university system the houses the shelter.
    The beauty of a tech age is the ease of organizing your work so you can always come back to something or finally “dispose” of an item if that makes sense.
    I find where procrastination helps — it provides time to scheme out how your project should work; that piece of writing should flow. The idea really is to shift from procrastination to intense reflection so you can achieve your most important outstanding goal.

  • Thanks for sharing Corey–I somehow can’t find a way to call helping your neighbors/pals after a devastating storm “procrastination”. Life intervenes with our best plans sometimes. I’m glad you did what you did!

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