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Face It—You May Be Running A Media Company

If producing content—blog posts, articles, videos, podcasts—is a significant part of your marketing, you may well be running a media company. Or at least a media division. And that means you have to start thinking and operating more like a … Continue reading

Convert Your Content Into Revenue (Part 1)

For advisors, thought leaders and game-changers, your content—your body of work—is a serious asset. Successful authors know this. They’re used to trading words for money and are well versed in the value of book deals, copyrights and licensing fees. But … Continue reading

Dealing With Imposters and Poseurs

Imposters and poseurs. YOU know they aren’t up to snuff, but somehow, they have built an audience. They get attention. Which means that sometimes they get to drive the conversation with your clients. It can make you crazy. So what … Continue reading

Getting “It” Done

Here we are, just going into the quietest part of summer (or the dead of winter, depending on your hemisphere). It’s a time when business moves s-l-o-w-l-y. It can make Type A’s crazy. You can of course, use the next … Continue reading

Die Procrastination, Die

We’ve all got something that stops us. Even if you’re a ready, fire, aim sort, there is something you want to create that isn’t happening. That is within your control to change. Procrastination isn’t just delay. It’s substituting things that … Continue reading


If writing for a mission-critical audience makes you squirm, this is for you. Your best bet? Spend a few bucks to hire a professional. But if you can’t (or prefer to hone your talent), it may be time to try … Continue reading

Bark AND Bite

Eliminating “weasel words” sparked an interesting discussion: How do we replace the weasel? The key is using words that have bark AND bite for your brand. It’s not one-size-fits-all—each of us has a different “voice” and it’s important to choose … Continue reading

Troll Spray

You’ve heard of trolls, right? A quick definition: “Trolls are critics who gain perverse pleasure in relentlessly tearing you and your ideas down”, says marketing guru Seth Godin. The more you play in the social media sandbox, the more you … Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons To Blog (Or Not To Blog)

Professional advisors are a unique class of bloggers. We essentially sell advice for a living. We (rarely) make money from advertising, nor do we really want to. Blogs for advisors are often a distribution channel for thought leadership and—done well—a … Continue reading