Your Manifesto

Whenever I work with a new client, I spend a significant chunk of time fleshing out and testing their point of view.


Because being exquisitely clear about how you see the world—how you apply your expertise in real life—is a core building block of your personal brand. Most especially if you’re an expert on the prowl for new clients, readers or media attention.

That’s why I’m so fond of manifestos, the public expression of your point of view. Not the lunatic variety, but the inspiring, won’t-you-come-along-for-the-ride enticements that will propel the like-minded into your camp.

Not sure where to start? Here’s a how-to and some straight and sassy examples to get you rolling.

Just remember, most audiences respond much more viscerally to a well-designed visual than a webpage of words. Even brilliant words. Check out these inspiring examples.

My advice: declare your manifesto and own it proudly. Embrace it—we’re talking your personal code here—and weave it into everything you do. I’ve planted my own “be unforgettable” flag in print and poster form here. And in video here.

There’s no need to be camera-shy. Letting your audience see you on video sharing what matters most to you can be a powerful demonstration of who you are. A window into how they’ll experience you—and whether they can trust you.

Done well, it’s a persuasive step in winning over a digital audience.

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