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You Are Not A Can Of Soup

A can of soup has no passion. It has no aspirations, no point of view, no motivation—it simply takes up shelf space waiting to be chosen. You are not a can of soup. But you are a brand. A living, … Continue reading

Rocking Your Point Of View

When you’re selling your expertise, rocking your point of view — in words, compelling images and with feeling—matters. It gives your potential clients and buyers a prism—a gateway—to differentiate you from the dozens, hundreds or tens of thousands (thank you … Continue reading

Why Your Business Should Be Like A Tiny House

Have you been following the tiny house trend? The extreme version of a tiny house clocks in at less than 200 square feet, ranging up to about 750, depending on who’s doing the counting. You know the movement has built … Continue reading

Your Manifesto

Whenever I work with a new client, I spend a significant chunk of time fleshing out and testing their point of view. Why? Because being exquisitely clear about how you see the world—how you apply your expertise in real life—is … Continue reading

The One Habit of Wildly Successful Business Writers

There is one habit you can adopt that will dramatically change your business writing, especially if you want to publish a wildly successful business book. Hint: anyone CAN do it, but few actually do. 000000

Declare Your Manifesto

A manifesto is more than the last ravings of a lunatic. Or the musings of a politico. It’s a public declaration of what you believe to be true for your work, your company, your big idea. It’s stepping into the … Continue reading