You Do The Math

It’s June 25th.

That means half the year has passed.

Half of the year that you promised yourself would be your year.

The year you gulped hard and put your big idea out there—critics and trolls be damned. The year you got an agent for the book that’s been bubbling inside you. Or you go after that elusive, career-changing client.

This is the year you decided to go for it—to invest in your dreams.

How are you doing so far?

The good news: you still have 6 months left to make it happen. 189 days still in play. 4,536 hours—3,000 if we only count when you’re awake enough to use them wisely. That’s 180,000 conscious minutes still to go (more if you’re not big on sleep).

So, yes, there is still time to make your mark in 2012.

But it means commitment. It means putting verbs in your sentences. It means action above all else.

You do the math: how will you make it work for you?


  • I am tempted to state I need to wait until tomorrow’s results (actually I just stated that!) — part of a team involved in a primary for an open congressional seat that a client opted to not seek re-election from (he’d have won handily).
    But really, the exceptional point I take involves the concepts of strategy and planning; it also involves revision and adjustment, sometimes more frequently than we might like. A plan and a strategy to achieve its goals can really make a difference. Sometimes you see the fruits of planning in the first six months; sometimes later. Set goals. Develop a plan. Devise a strategy. See what just may happen…..

  • Hi Corey,
    Thanks for weighing in–your point about revising and adjusting is spot on. How many times do we fail to make course corrections as things change?

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