Who’s Your Daddy?

Have you ever played the “separated at birth” game? You take a photo of someone you know and match it to a celebrity (or animal) photo.

I like to play a variation—who’s your daddy?

Daddy is a state of mind, not a gender. Daddy is an ideal that you get to create. Who has the right attitude to be your daddy?

And don’t limit yourself to one—chosen rightly, a handful of great daddies can be a fount of inspiration.

I’ll go first. I grew up as the industrious love child of Miranda (Sex & The City) and Turtle (Entourage). Think Alex, the middle kid from Modern Family.

But that would hardly serve me today.

We all need aspirational daddies—leaders who inspire us (or give us a swift metaphorical kick) to do what is needed and what is right.

My dad pack includes a few I don’t know personally: Seth Godin, Oprah Winfrey and Jose Andres (master chef/artist). But it is well-supplemented with the daddies (here and gone) I love most in the Moulton, Gamache and Lewis clans.

Play the game with me—who’s your daddy?

p.s. Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies who make the world a better place


  • I love the concept; not sure I am comfy sharing; to some extent it involves role models. For certain things, particularly parenting — being a good dad, I model after my late grandpa Sol Stone whose hebrew name Shlomo David translates into peaceful and beloved. I learned business and sales from my dad, uncle and their dad, my late grandpa Charlie. In my political life, more than a few, some still around (Carmine), a few gone, Vic, Julie, Phil. In my professional life – mostly post government, not as many, perhaps my own age plays a role there — in many cases, it involves more “brothers (and some sisters) in arms,” but in ABC order, I offer up Archie, Ernie, Fred and Joe.
    What scares me: the prospect that someone (or more) might name this correspondent)!

  • Sounds like some great role models Corey! What a gift to have so many…..

  • Informative and fresh, unusual for me and also for my friends!!

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