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How Not To Suck At Downtime

As we dive-bomb into August, I’ll be pausing these weekly thought pieces. Stay tuned for September: I’m working on a content revamp, co-hosting a brand spanking new podcast AND fine-tuning the next ConsultantBrand experience. If you’re thinking about enrolling, mark … Continue reading

Seeing Your Work in Living Color

When you sell advice for your living, you don’t always get physical, tangible ways to see how your work played out. Sure, you see your clients’ work or lives change, you see shifts in behavior, fresh results—you know you’ve had … Continue reading

The Secret Weapon To Loving Your Work

You started your business in a blaze of excitement and unbridled optimism. You were beyond thrilled to get your first (and second and third) client and bent over backwards to make sure they were happy. You did most everything yourself … Continue reading

Juicing Your Creativity

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” Maya Angelou Creativity: the renewable and potentially exponential energy source within us all that allows you to transcend the traditional and explore the uncharted. How you choose … Continue reading

True Ambition

“Ambition is daring to follow your dream” Jenipher Lyn, author of “How Being Stubborn, Depressed and Unpopular Saved My Life” One thing I’ve learned from hundreds of clients is that you’ve gotta have ambition to keep the fire stoked. Not … Continue reading

Cleaning Up (And Out) For Spring

This article extolling the virtues of a 40-hanger closet spoke to me and I’ve hung onto it. I haven’t quite pared down to a 40-hanger closet, but keeping just the timeless essentials resonates. With the notable exceptions of my shoes … Continue reading

Making Mojo (But Not The Way You Think)

You know when you can’t get clients to return calls or get serious? And you get frustrated (or anxious), trying to stir up some mojo? Here’s the secret to breaking through all that… 000000

Finding Your Slug Switch

The joys of hitting your “off” button… 000000

You Do The Math

It’s June 25th. That means half the year has passed. Half of the year that you promised yourself would be your year. The year you gulped hard and put your big idea out there—critics and trolls be damned. The year … Continue reading

Change Is Good, Right?

I have made a career out of change. In the early days, I worked with Fortune 500 companies, guiding them through gut-wrenching mergers and spin-offs. I co-founded a firm exclusively employing MBA moms, long before flexible schedules were fashionable. And … Continue reading