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What’s A Brand Voice—And Why You Need To Own Yours

Think of your brand voice like this: you go to a cocktail party chock-full of your ideal prospective clients. How do you want them to remember you? As warm and engaging? Singularly brilliant and a tad aloof? Interestingly quirky? Steady … Continue reading

Your Brand Of Authority

Have you ever scratched your head at a “celebrity” in your industry, trying to figure out how he/she grabs so much client or media attention? Case in point: pretty much every financial advisor I’ve ever met has a love/hate relationship … Continue reading

Building Digital Trust

  Building relationships is all about trust. But when your first contact is digital, it’s magnified 10x. We’re all looking—consciously or not—for clues that tell us whether we can believe what we’re seeing, hearing and watching. If your Spidey sense … Continue reading

The One Website Change That Will Bring You More Clients

When I work on client websites, I’m always amazed at how—in the end—it’s just one change that makes all the difference. The difference between a “me too” website and the outlier that grabs your sweet-spot prospects by the shorthairs. It’s … Continue reading

The Art Of Selling You

Yes, there’s a science to selling and marketing. And yes, there’s a book for that. Or 240,372 of them according to Amazon. The science says you take specific actions. You return calls and emails swiftly (as a form of respect, … Continue reading

Magnifying Your Presence

Presence: that immediately recognizable quality that draws people to you. It’s not about being famous or even handsome or beautiful, but about confidence. Clarity. It’s knowing your value without having to convince everyone you meet. Here are three habits you … Continue reading

Sucking The Personality Out Of Your Brand (Not)

Has your personality been sucked out of your brand? That would be a damned shame because personality—when it’s real and genuine and serves your clients—is going to draw the right people to you like lightning. Here’s how to get it … Continue reading

Your X Factor

Your X Factor: where your talent, your story and your personality intersect. Here’s how to make some magic with yours… 000000

When Your Personal Brand Takes A Hit

Being a public figure makes a fall from grace particularly humiliating. Witness Paula Deen’s self-propelled implosion last week: lawsuit, racial slurs, bungled apologies, fired from her biggest platform. But just because you’re not a fixture on cable TV doesn’t mean … Continue reading

Can We Talk About Your Photo?

This question is only slightly less intrusive than asking about your sex life. But I’m gonna ask it anyway. Can we talk about your photo? No matter how brilliant you are, how riveting your work, your photo matters and it … Continue reading