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How To Get The Best (Free) Advice

Sometimes, you just need some quick, actionable and yes—free—advice. As a consulting business + brand expert, I get asked for “free” all the time. I’ve been asked to read and comment on entire manuscripts. To spend a half-day driving to/from … Continue reading

What To Do When The Universe Isn’t Cooperating

You’ve got a plan, a vision even. It might be bold—say hitting the New York Times bestseller list. Or finally breaking six or seven figures in your business. Or maybe you’ve got more modest aspirations—like getting your first client in … Continue reading

Death Of An Artist

Charlie Trotter— chef extraordinaire, impresario and global innovator—died last week at 54. He was a general in the American culinary revolution, opening his Lincoln Park restaurant at a time when Chicago palates had just barely graduated from canned vegetables and … Continue reading

Are You A Genius Or A Genius Maker?

How would you answer this question, posed by Liz Wiseman, in “Multipliers: How The Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter”:  Are you a genius or a genius maker? Let’s stipulate that the world needs geniuses. We need earth-shattering ideas and novel … Continue reading

Who’s Your Daddy?

Have you ever played the “separated at birth” game? You take a photo of someone you know and match it to a celebrity (or animal) photo. I like to play a variation—who’s your daddy? Daddy is a state of mind, … Continue reading

“I Have Confidence”

You might remember a young Maria (Julie Andrews) singing this song to fortify herself as she left the convent to care for seven motherless children. Her Mother Superior could see that Maria wasn’t a good fit for convent life and … Continue reading