What Happens In Vegas….

When I mentioned we were heading to Las Vegas to meet a friend, I got one of two responses: “I love Vegas!” or “Couldn’t you find someplace less, uh, tacky?”

Ah, Las Vegas.

The perfect city to love—or to love to hate.

Which makes it an absolutely brilliant brand.

You can channel yourself a little Vegas-style sizzle by adopting three of their universal brand truths:

1. You evolve, while remaining true to your core brand. You offer a $100 steak within a stone’s throw of a smoky casino. You put Celine Dion across the street from a peep show. And offer $30 cocktails next to a kiosk with bottomless daiquiris in a string-around-your-neck-so-you-don’t-spill-any glass.

2. You allow a little wiggle room for those who “buy” you to make it their own experience. You appeal to the hard core gambler by designing packages that make him feel like a high roller. You attract foodies by chatting up the celebrity chef experience. And you get the bachelor party crowd with club deals and pool parties.

3. You never water down your message. Vegas puts its “Sin City” reputation in your face (and has the slogan to prove it). They aren’t worried about the millions they offend, but the millions who revel in all that is Vegas. They know who they are.

Luckily, you don’t need Vegas glitz and glamour—just some good old-fashioned authenticity and the confidence to own it.



  • Evolve. Yes. Always. It means in this context, improving. It could mean more personalized service; availability; it could be being a go to person for information and advice, not necessarily in your discipline (providing the name of a contractor, arranging an internship….). Finally, it means staying true to your brand!

  • Here in the UK we call this a ‘Marmite’ brand (a yeast paste/spread)- you either love or hate it. The Marmite company have built a whole range of merchandising materials on the back of this!

  • Lisa Turner

    You what else? They don’t discriminate. Vegas sells to all without segmentation because of your #2 “wiggle room” philosophy. Vegas appeals to us all and they know it. I cringe every time the Microsoft Surface commercials air…trying sooooo hard to up their cool factor to Apple. No one in the entire commercial looks even thirty. The scene in the boardroom? No diversity. A complete turnoff. I loved the Taco Bell Super Bowl ad this year with their version of “seniors behaving badly” because it worked to support their brand as the late-night place to get your grub on after a night on the town…no matter who your posse may be.

  • Rochelle

    Corey, Helen and Lisa,
    Thank you–fabulous observations! From Marmite to Taco Bell to internships–love it!

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