Teaching Thanks*

It’s the week of (American) Thanksgiving. Soon we’ll be eating turkey, watching football and arguing politics with our nearest and dearest. And hopefully we’ll stop and give thanks for all that we have.

I’d like to suggest a special addition this year: a few moments to remember our best teachers.

There are the official teachers. The ones who helped us grasp algebra, introduced us to the wonders of poetry and gave us the courage to submit our work for public scrutiny (thank you Mrs. Gradowski, Mrs. Carlson, Ms. Zaccarro).

And then there are the bosses. The truly great ones who pushed us to do what they believe we are capable of (thank you Don MacDougall who will always be the picture in my head of the perfect consultant).

Let’s not forget our best colleagues. We may not have always wanted to hear it in the moment, but they taught us something worth learning (thank you Malcolm, Chuck, Marcia I, Donna, Katie, Karen, Marcia P, Rebecca, Ron, Heidi, Kathy, Dan, Thomas).

Or our clients. Have you too been humbled by great learnings from those you have served? (thank you Sabrina, Andrea, Martha, Pat, Dean, Beth, Martha, Carl, Mark, Michael)

So yes, take an extra moment to remember your best teachers. Where would we be without them?

*In memory of Lindsay Breault Lewis—a young teacher (and loving wife and mother) gone much too soon.


  • Continuing condolences. Lindsay is much missed.

    My sixth grade class had fourteen graduates. For graduation our teacher, Justine, gave each child a book chosen for the soul of that child. I was given “Of Mice and Men”. I remember reading it at a swim club with my dad the following Sunday. I cried through much of it, and hoped no one would see. I was eleven. I was crying for Lennie and George, but also out of gratitude that I had been so well understood. Justine had picked the perfect book for me, and I am sure the others as well. The best teachers make us feel heard. Especially for children it is only after we are heard that we can truly listen.

  • What a beautiful story K.C.–thank you for sharing it. Here’s to the unforgettable Justine…

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