Confidence Is Exactly What We Need Right Now

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One of the hallmarks of successful consultants is confidence.

Burned into our DNA, it fuels us to pursue new clients (who may say “no” more often than “yes”), challenge conventional thinking and build our market authority.

But this latest situation (10 weeks and counting in the U.S.) has rattled the confidence of even the most seasoned among us.

“Will my industry/specialty come back from this and what will it look like?”

“How long will it take to get back to ‘normal’?”

“Do I need to switch up my offerings now or stay the course until the dust settles?”

Those are all good questions and if you’re still trying to figure out the answers, Jonathan and I talked through how to do that in this episode on constructing your new normal and this one on inventing your future.

Of course there is no substitute for carefully considering how you believe this situation plays out and the impact it might have on you and how you run your business.

But that doesn’t mean it has to look like fear and worry.

Confidence here is critical.

Confidence—the deep faith in your ability to transcend any one situation—is a gift you give yourself, not to mention the clients who rely on you to help them chart a steady path forward.

Yes, there are obstacles you hadn’t imagined (who saw shelter in place coming?), but you have talents and passions that will guide you to the right answers for the near and long-term.

As long as you stay confident.

Not foolishly arrogant, but thoughtfully trusting in yourself to work your way through this challenge.

You’ve got this.