Inventing Your Future

Inventing Your Future

With the world in such a flexible, malleable state right now comes a unique opportunity to decide how you and your business can best move forward.

Jonathan and I deconstruct the strategic steps to invent your future without overly depending on the past.

2:16—How you can look at the world right now and start thinking about (and even betting on) what’s coming.

11:20—The impact of potential fundamental shifts on how you work.

14:20—Why this can be a time to increase the “altitude” of what you discuss with your clients (and how to do it).

17:12—A strategic way to look at the future and how it meshes with your talents and passions.

24:15—Adopting a mindset that works even when bad things are happening around you.

31:11—Identifying your ideal sweet-spot—where your target market overlaps with your talents and passions.

33:45—Contingency plans to deal with the fear that comes with change.

37:30—The industry doing inspirational re-invention we can all learn from.


“In this one year it feels like we’ll get 10 years of movement on this thing (working remotely).”—JS

“Being there for your clients as a sounding board is where you as a professional advisor can be helpful, valuable and rare.”—RM

“Maybe this is a time to be moving up—increasing your altitude in involvement with your clients—talking about bigger picture things.“—JS

“There’s an opportunity here to zig while everyone else is zagging.“—RM


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