Constructing Your New Normal

Constructing Your New Normal

We don’t yet know exactly how our new normal is going to look and feel. But we do know that many things will continue to evolve and change.

So our newest episode is tightly focused on preparing yourself for recovery from this current situation, including re-evaluating decisions and finding new niches and opportunities.

Jonathan and I discuss how to keep questioning assumptions (yours and others), adapt to various catalysts and dial down the stress to smooth your eventual transition to a new normal.


“I think it would be no surprise to hear that I think doing nothing right now is the absolute worst thing you could do.” –JS

“I think there’s a part of this where you have to give yourself permission that things are going to change.” –RM

“There’s a strong percentage of people who are taking this time to evolve.” –JS

“The catalyst can get you started, but you have to adapt as you go, or the catalytic event doesn’t do you much good.” –RM


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