Will You Recognize “Enough” When You See It?

Andreas Bechtolsheim has an estimated $16 billion fortune. And yet he recently settled insider trading charges over a profit of $415,726. As this NYT piece points out, that’s “equivalent to a quarter rolling behind the couch” for we mere mortals.

We could debate all day over why a multi-billionaire took such a monumental risk for a paltry payoff, but my vote is that he’s missing an “enough” button. 

And without a clear, uniquely personal “enough” goal around your life and your money—regardless of your net worth—it can be tempting to make moves you might not otherwise. Like…

Take on a client whose vision doesn’t align with yours or who you know will be challenging to serve from your genius zone.

Say no to something that will add value and grace to your life (a bucket list vacation, a day on the mountain, taking your mom to lunch)—so you can sit at your desk.

Hire employees because you think you must for revenue growth, when you know leading employees is not how you want to spend your time.

Instead of knowing you’re on the right path with your business (and the savings you’re piling up for your future self), what you’re doing is never enough.

You’ll wind up chasing that next revenue hit like an addict needing their fix.

Luckily, you’re a Soloist.

Which means you can keep evolving as a business owner, an expert and a person.

You can ignore other opinions about what success looks like and design your own path.

And you can keep growing your revenue and your net worth—without sacrificing the people and actions that bring meaning to your life.

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