When You Are The One Doing The Choosing

I can still vividly recall when my very last boss—think snarky, entitled despot—decided to pitch a screaming hissy fit.

While I got busy deciding how to pull my rip chord, he got himself fired. (Karma, baby, karma.)

I swore I’d never again be at the mercy of a tyrant (or for that matter, a boss).

It was the perfect lesson at the perfect time: we each own the power to choose how we want our life to go.

The trick is to use it.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve built your business up to six figures—using your brains, hard-won experience, no small amount of sweat and concentrated focus.

But once you’ve created some success for yourself (the kind where you can actually exhale now and then), it’s tempting to search for outside validation beyond your core tribe.

Maybe you’re hoping Malcolm Gladwell will blurb your book, Oprah will bless your idea or your dream media outlet will declare you this year’s bomb.

Would it feel uh-mazing to have a big-time celebrity seal of approval?

Why yes, yes it would.

But here’s the thing.

Betting your emotional marbles on being “anointed” is passive.

And you’ve gotten used to holding the reigns.

To deciding who gets to play in your sandbox.

To setting the rules vs. dancing to someone else’s tune.

So absolutely go after your idols—after all, your job as an authority is to spread your big idea.

But resist the temptation to invest your psychic energy in seeking to be anointed.

Because the power to choose is actually YOURS.

The perfect additions to your circle may be others just ahead or coming up right behind you.

It just might be your turn to do the anointing.

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