Going Rogue

You know there’s something bigger you’re ready to do.

Grow your practice, expand your platform, finally write that book.

But what got you to where you are right now won’t get you there.

You’re ready to go rogue.

To break away from the pack. To zig when everyone else is zagging.

Take “Tanya”. When I met her, she had a practice that was humming along: clients she adored and enough revenue to keep the wolves at bay (but nowhere near her potential). But she also nurtured a burning desire to serve more of her sweet-spot clients. Not just as a solo practitioner, but running a full-fledged business with a team of consultants.

And she harbored the ultimate afraid-to-say-out-loud goal: to write a game-changing book that would allow her to build her dream business with more—many more—consultants.

After some deep soul-searching, Tanya went rogue.

She started with a single step: hiring a Virtual Assistant to take over tasks she knew she needed to let go. That went so well that she started thinking about where else she could improve (which led her to my door).

She threw herself whole-heartedly into the re-positioning and branding process, even putting the kibosh on a planned photo shoot until we were 100% clear on her new message.

When presented with her recommended positioning—which was a big shift from her current space—she had a brief moment of doubt. A who-am-I-to-think-this-big moment. And then—almost magically—the veil lifted and she realized it was exactly the right fit for her talents, passions and business vision. She’s not only embracing the concept, but her firm commitment means new ideas and opportunities started freely flowing her way.

An industry icon just endorsed her work and has given her even more confidence to step into the limelight that is rightly hers.

Tanya had to let go to get more.

And that’s sometimes the hardest leap of all.

Here’s the thing: you have to do your homework and then trust your instinct. You can go rogue solo or create yourself a team if that’s what it will take.

But delaying when you know the time is right is just burning daylight.

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