Ditch The Lemonade Stand Mindset

In my first company, we quickly outgrew our office space. Expansion wasn’t an option and to make things worse, we were in the midst of a booming commercial rental market. We scoured the city with our broker for months, searching for the right combination of space, location and price. When we finally found the perfect spot, it came with an outsized price tag that gave me pause. A very long pause.

As I sat with that contract—pen poised in my hand—the reality of signing up for a $639,000 debt truly hit me. No matter what else happened, I’d be personally on the hook for over half a million dollars.

There would be no turning back.

I signed.

Every successful entrepreneur has had that moment.

When you decide you’re not running a lemonade stand.

When you know that your baby is not a hobby business where you’re content to play small—nickel and diming your way to eke out a living.

You’re ready for more.

I’m not saying don’t bootstrap—DIY to conserve your cash is a time-honored way to build something bit by bit.

But you need to know when to stop.

When to decide you’re ready to ditch that lemonade stand mindset.

Maybe it’s when you decide to hire the right resource—web design, marketing, virtual assistance—even when it costs more than you ever imagined.

Or when you say no to hiring your pal or your kid or that brand-spanking new grad (because anyone who just graduated MUST be a technology expert, right?)

Instead, you go pro.

You hire the writer who was the copy genius behind three sites that exactly capture the feel you want—even though she costs 3x the cheapest estimate.

You seek out a web designer with your dream creds—maybe he’s worked with a couple of your big kahunas and he’s excited to help you too. And yep, he’s not the cheap option either.

You invest in a Virtual Assistant—even when you’re pretty sure she can’t do anything you don’t already know how to do. You let go—and before you know it, you’ve got new systems and more time to do the things only you can do.

You decide where you want to roll the dice. On your pal who’s never done anything on the scale you’re aspiring to? Or the proven force who demands—and deserves—much more from you?

It’s a mindset. You have to move beyond the lemonade stand.

Feel the risk. Feel the fear. Feel the excitement.

Embrace it!

You’ve got this.

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