Spring Forward

How many reminders did you receive last week to Spring forward? Yes, turn your clocks ahead, but why not also take the message as a personal call to action?

Spring forward.

Take a leap in the right direction. In the modern age, leaping is easier than ever. If you need a little inspiration, look at the Kony 2012 video which snagged over 65 million views at last count.

Let their success challenge you to dream on a grander scale.

Create your “idea whose time has come”. And—most importantly—do something about it.

Your slice of the world matters too.

Maybe you’ve just created a beautiful piece of work—an elegant solution to a vexing problem plaguing your clients or a design that pushes boundaries and starts conversations. Even a simple graphic that educates your audience could be your game-changer.

So. Push through the fear of rejection (which can masquerade as “I’m just too busy to spend time on this”). Put it out there. The world is waiting.

What will spring you forward?
p.s. I’ll be leading my next “Be Unforgettable” workshop on Friday, May 11 in Marina del Rey. Check it out. Blog readers get 20% off by signing up by the end of March.


  • One can take this BIG or small.
    small: That new business card (been procrastinating on that for a bit) or brochure; the website update to reflect new success, new client or just better branding that follows a revised elevator speech.
    BIG: Book/ article/ column/ screenplay/ play, project/ campaign/ representation, moving (an office), total website revision including shooting some video(s); wardrobe/makeover (touchy subject but appearance matters).
    I suspect others might add to this list.

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